For Cheriton lights 2016 Matt Rowe has created a multi media Installation, that explores the eerie symbolism of friendly societies and overlooked thoroughfare’s of Cheriton.

Using holographic projection and experimental photographic techniques, Matt Rowe has merged images and sounds , animating a hinterland at the margins of community. 

Strange Cargo will once again be closing Cheriton High Street to traffic and reclaiming the town’s public spaces for the extraordinary Cheriton Light Festival. From 6-9pm on 27th and 28th February thousands of people will brave the chilly, winter evenings to come together to enjoy this spectacular free event.
The biennial festival’s popularity has grown rapidly since 2013 and now attracts thousands of visitors from near and far, all coming to see the extraordinary line up of artists who light based artworks transform the landscape of this residential seaside town.

For 2016 the theme of the festival is Open Spaces and Hidden Places and many of the participating artists have responded in their artworks to the interlinking networks overhead and at ground level that makes up Cheriton’s landscape. The 2016 Cheriton Light Festival includes artists Porté Par le Vent from France, Jyll Bradley, whose new work Espallier on Strange Cargo’s factory is a companion to her beautiful sculpture Green Light for the 2014 Folkestone Triennial. David Ward will be exhibiting at Strange Cargo.

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