AIRM 2016 St Clement’s Church, Old Romney

‘No form of manufacturing had a greater impact upon the economy and society of medieval Europe than did those industries producing cloths from various kinds of wool’

Matt Rowe’s installation invites participants to simulate the atmospheric conditions of the Romney marsh wool growing region. Rowe has collected a series of field recordings and aural history’s that explore the symbolic wool markings and auditory commands associated with traditional shepherding used in Romney marsh wool production.

His installation considers the role of sheep in the formation of the marsh landscape and how the localities evolving relationship with wool, has been impacted by the complexities of modern European trade. Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to select combine the various combinations of vinyl picture disks and craft there own auditory experiences.


Multi Channel lathe cut vinyl recordings 4 mins
Artist Edition. 6’ x 6’ lathe cut picture disks, Limited edition of 20.

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