Community Portraits.

Go Go Whippet offers a range of workshops that use portraiture as a fun approach to engage with communities.
Our photography sessions can be tailored to incorporate a wide verity of themes and activities to suit you.

Our portable photogaphic studio can be quickly and easily installed in virtually any location.
From galleries to public events, portraiture projects are a fantastic way to explore identity though Our high quality imagery is a great way of recording and sharing the community interaction at your events or exhibition.

All our photography workshops can be combined with  making and doing activities creating unique and fun portraits


  • Develop Civic identity
  • Place making & community cohesion
  • Visual record of your event
  • Cost effective
  • Interactive
  • Inclusive
  • Engaging

Book a go go whippet photography for  your community event or venue.

  • Sports
  • Galleries
  • Festivals
  • Museums
  • Public Spaces