Incubation Station.

Client: Newcastle School of Architecture.

Working in small groups, students are challenged to explore the thermal spectrum to create a range of sculptural assemblages. The forms created should serve as a simple and cost effective temporary shelter. The structures produced should Integrate and experiment with materials and forms that maximise the capacity of thermal insulation within there designs.

Thought the week the development of the groups structures will be documented using a thermal imaging camera. The thermal imaging will analyse thermal efficiency by animating and isolating areas of heat loss.

This performative approach to exploring the properties of installation, will offer students an insight in to the efficiency of materiality in relation to the environment that is beyond visible spectrum of the human eye.

At the start of the week students will be provided with a variety of low cost and sustainable materials. however students are encouraged to collect and integrate salvaged materials from around the locality in to there final designs, helping to mediate energy waste and consumption.

Each group should approach there design with the intention of it becoming easily replicated in the urban environment by marginalised members of the community.

Each shelter should be easily erected to provide refuge from the elements and all construction should be achieved with the minimum of tools

The work created during Charette week will also be documented using traditional photography and video along side the thermal imagery. The documentation will be posted to a dedicated Twitter and Instrgram feed as the week progresses.

For the final event students will produce their own version of the cardboard city
Within the grounds of the University offering temporary refuge to visitors to the event.
during the opening night thermal imagery will testing efficiency of the cardboard city by measuring the participants body heat that escapes as they interact within the structures.

After the show the structures will be dismantled and recycled (if non recallable played in to a skip.)

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