Dark Harvest


Client: Strange Cargo.

Dark harvest was a public art work that engaged a broad range residents of Cherition. Lead artist Matt Rowe provided participants with a digital pallet of traditional corn dolly motifs.  Residents then selected aspects of the various corn dolly’s and worked with Matt to realise a custom motif for there home.
At the end of each workshop session, a unique vector graphic was created that was specifically tailored to a window of their home.

A few weeks latter Matt then returned to fit a customised vinyl graphic of there design in to the window of there home. The completed design was then light up. The Dark Harvest instalation formed an artistic trail around the town for the Cherition lights festival.


Working on behalf of Strange Cargo for the Cheriton Lights Festival Matt Rowe has developed a series of installations, projections and sculptural assemblages that seek to reignite something of Cheriton’s rural past. Appearing in shop windows and on house fronts, the works infiltrate the town, transforming the locality with imagery from traditional folk rituals and celebrations. Collaborating with local residents Rowe has developed over fifty window displays. Central to each display is a contemporary corn dolly or corn mother.


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