Jan 302012

The former German consort in Folkestone now known as ‘ShangriLa, is the site of much local speculation.
The have been many unexplained happenings and supernatural encounters in the house and the surrounding area.
Its believed that lay line that runs beneath the house and could possibly explain the heightened energy and frequency of these uncanny experiances.

the accompany audio interview gives a brief history of events  that the current occupants have witnessed.

Jun 282011
whelk man 2

Fascinating to hear about the Whelkman as this explains something my grandmother mentioned just before she died.
She spoke of a tall \’shellman\’ she\’d encountered in her youth when she visited Folkestone, and how the meeting had \’changed her life\’.
She certainly had a great fondness for oysters and other crustacea, and died with a smile on her face, holding a small shell encrusted box with \’A Present from Folkestone\’
written in artificial pearls on its lid.

Jan 302011

Ian Luck manger of Silver Screen Cinema Folkestone explains some of the Intriguing history behind the building where the cinema is situated.   The Building  was previously the location Folkestone town hall and justice buildings. Ian hints towards some strange presences felt whilst working. the cinema allegedly backs on to the site where Folkestone  gallows were situated. Ian Luck – Silver Screen Cinema

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