Jan 122011

Strange accounts of Folkestone Kat people.

Not many people know about this group of deformed teenagers, so I am going to tell you. They run around in the shadows because they are scared of people but if people see them they think that they are teenagers dressed up. How they managed to turn into these creatures not many people know and it was hard for me to find out, the library and the internet wasn’t much help. Some people say that they were in an explosion of some sort others say they were born like it all I know is that they are good at hiding. There have been stories of other places with these weird kids and that they meet up from all over Britain. Some people think that they are here to warn us of how the future is going to be and everyone will turn out like them someday. Is it all just a joke? Are they not real and someone made them up? I guess photo evidence will be needed for it to be believed let’s just hope that they are nice not evil.

Aug 152010
Jul 232010

Egyptians by Marlow,of Ashford at the Whitsable Biennial 20/06/10

Jul 232010

I Once Knew A Man Who Had Two Noses, James Rogers, London, Art Car Boot Fair, 06/06/10

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