Sep 182010

Folkestone Triennial and Inspiring Communities introduce…

Jump Cut You-Tube Video Workshop COMPETITION

The winner will be presented with a flip video camcorder!

Do you have something to say?

Are you 11 to 14 years old?

Make your own one-minute video and enter the Folkestone Triennial  Video competition!

Get your views across by making a video lasting exactly 60 seconds  –  the style is completely your own choice. It could be a music video, a  film, a short documentary, an animation, a cartoon or something  completely different.

The two categories of the competition are:

Open category: one minute of freedom

60 seconds of absolute freedom to say what you wish on any topic you  are interested in.

Personal category: self-portrait

Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your dreams,  fascinations, fears, hopes and passions? Do you feel like you belong  or do you feel left out? Where do you come from? What do you see  around you? Say who you are in your own way.

  • Come along to a workshop to learn how to make a short video.
  • Learn how to upload your video onto You-Tube.
  • Make new friends and have fun.
  • Enter the competition.
  • Take part in an exhibition.

Some videos shown on the Folkestone Triennial website –

You can also view some more films made by young people at the links bellow.

To take part and for more information:

  • Email us at
  • Ring us on 01303 245799

The Folkestone Triennial will take place from June to September 2011. /

Jun 062011

Students on an exchange from Boulogne-Sur-Mer Student Research Trip created this fantastic short film Lipstick.

After having organised a touristic rally in their town, Boulogne sur Mer, the final year students of the CAP(certificate of professional aptitude ) ATMFC (technical assistance in the family and in the community) are embarking for England. In fact, they stayed in Folkestone on 10,11and12 January with the idea of organising a similar rally.

The class, together with their teachers (Mrs Palfart and Mr Medek) had the pleasure of taking the time to observe, familiarise themselves with the area and gather information. The final part of the project would be to organise a crossing with other students from the high school to have a day out to renew the experience of their rally across the Channel. The realisation of these two rallies will allow our students from Cazin and their English counterparts to visit in a fun way our twinned towns.

As well as being an experience in another country, this stay in Folkestone revealed an artistic desire that will soon materialise in the form of a photo novel with the assistance of the Lille artist Dimitri Vazemsky and perhaps with the participation of the Folkestone Triennial.

Feb 242011

Hi my name is Jetmir, and I am a young filmmaker in Folkestone. I Have been involved with the jumpcut project for about 4-5 months and I enjoy it VERY much. I Also like editing and making movies and I Have Uploaded about 13 video’s onto YouTube. My YouTube Username Is SK8TERMIMI and my Channel is Thanks.

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Feb 152011

This film illustrates a Fisherman’s Tale about a washed up old woman on Hythe beach, 2003

“Kevin Sharp found and dead old lady washed up on the shore in Hythe. Early hours in the morning in the year 2003. It has been suggested that she tried to drown herself, she looked around the age of 83 and was still fully clothed when she was found.”

Feb 152011

‘Revenge Of The Shoot Out’, this shows highlights of a game that ends with a penalty shoot out. This shows ‘me’ and my school as football is a big part of my life at Brockhill. The hardest part was the editing. My favourite part was when I was in goal and acting out my part. This project was really fun.

Feb 152011

‘Showing Sports’, it is about how Brockhill works with sport, we couldn’t get every sport we do at Brockhill in though. In the film we have football and basketball and the skills we learn in our lessons. The best bit, so far is doing the editing because everyone is really getting into it. Another best bit was filming because it was fun to do, but it was hard to get the right camera angles and getting it right. The most difficult thing was trying to find places we could film — as lots of lessons were on.

Feb 152011

Le Noir is a horror film set at Brockhill and it’s about 3 friends, one of them wants to go the the forest but the others don’t want to. One of the people disappears and has an accident. I really enjoyed directing the action because it gave me sence of achievement and power.

Feb 152011

Skillage and it about 3 of us in different football shirts going out and showing our own football skills and having shot on goal. This shows our 3 different personalities as we all support a different team. The best bit was filming as we had fun and it was quite a challenege. I like challenges as they are not boring. I enjoyed getting outside and doing some practical work. Some bits were funny as we had to dive around. We had to remember our props like our football shirts and we had to remember where we should be in all the different shots.

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