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The Regional Book Of Beasts is a contemporary bestiary that comprises of drawings and projects derived from workshops led by Matt Rowe.

Following in the traditions of medieval bestiaries and illuminated texts, participants are encouraged to develop creative accounts of monsters that live beyond there known world.

The results from the workshops are archived online presenting a series regionalised accounts.

Oct 212009

The Regional Book of Beasts work shop encourages participants to explore uncanny creatures and create there own ultimate monster.
You can download the information you will need to take part in the Regional Book Of Beasts work shops.You can also take part at home by simply scanning your drawing and uploading it to the Chalk De Ville online gallery. Please upload images of works produced using this resource to the online gallery

Download resource pack

Download workshop sheets

Creative Commons License
Regional Book Of Beasts by www.gogowhippet.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
Based on a work at clubshepway.com.

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In the Middle Ages, people believed that studying animals allowed them to read the Divine Order as written in the natural world. Medieval bestiaries illustrated beasts in stunning detail and explained their scientific nature as well as their allegorical significance.This bestiary, dating from the mid-13th century and preserved at the Bodleian Library in Oxford since the early 17th century, is one of the finest medieval English bestiaries. It is clearly the work of a master artist and was probably destined for an aristocratic home.This exquisite facsimile contains reproductions of all 137 folios and 135 miniatures: their original gold leaf is superbly rendered in high-quality foiling. The volume includes a detailed introduction by Christopher de Hamel which provides a context for bestiaries in general and “MS. Bodley 764” in particular, along with a discussion of the manuscript’s provenance and style.

Find the book here

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What is it? – Chalk De Ville is an interactive three dimensional black board environment.

How can it be used?- Chalk De Ville provides a interactive frame work for educational work shops. supporting cross curricular themas, incorporating drawing, text, photography and role play.

Where can it be used?- Chalk De Ville is quick, flexible, portable and self contained, it can be set up and adapted to suit a variety of locations with interactive work shops delivered by Club Shepway artists.

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Aug 132010

Aspex Art Club At The Kings Theater 2010

Results from the Regional Book Of Beasts workshops run for the Aspex Art Club at the Kings Theater Southsea.
You can download the Aspex Book Of Beasts PDF here

Aspex Art Club at the Kings Theater from Matt Rowe on Vimeo.

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