For the duration of the summer months, from June to September 2008, Club Shepway was given use of Folkestone’s historic funicular lift. Once an emblem of the area’s Victorian heyday, carrying passengers from the up-market Leas Promenade to the bustling seafront and pier below, the lift now stands atop the rubble foreshore of a run down seafront awaiting regeneration.

Club Shepway transformed the lift into a temporary exhibition space, inviting artists to develop work in response to the physical confines of the lift carriages and the unique position of the town mid regeneration process.

Artist included:Jan Sykes, Tom Sykes, Asa Spratt, Abi Gilchrist and Bryony Dawkes Hayley Bates, Kayle Brandon, Joanna Brown, Samuel Carney, Jacqui Chanarin, Diane Dever, Denice Dever, Amy Feneck, Benjamin Fletcher, Will Gould, Bethany Hart, Emily Hill,Steve Hines, Abigail Hunt, Simon Kennedy, Gerry Kelly, Lady Lucy, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon, James Newton, Marco Palmieri, Kieren Reed, Matt Rowe, David Rule, Souvenir Magazine, Lady Lucie.

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