In 2005 I founded the Club Shepway arts organization this has now evolved in to a vibrant art's collective that instigates, commissions and hosts contemporary arts events. Club Shepway is run by a core team of Laura Manfield, Niamh Sullivan, and Matt Rowe

Centered in Folkestone Club Shepway is a group of emerging artists and writers, attempting to develop an active arena of cultural engagement and experimentation. Promoting contemporary art, music and its encompassing dialogue.

Playing with local histories, hidden memories and current affairs club Shepway is fundamentally concerned with the social and commercial development occurring in the area, locking onto its fading histories and current myths.Club Shepway aims to create a diverse and critical dialogue within the boundaries of Shepway and beyond

Club Shepway Are Based at The B & B Project space situated in Folkestone’s creative quarter, this former bed & breakfast/brothel & Tobacconist has been renovated maintaining many of its original Edwardian features, creating a unique platform for emerging and established artists to showcase work and develop dialogue, raising cultural awareness in the area.
Vist Blog: B&B Blog

Club Shepway are a non profit organization please donate to help us keep living the dream!