Pudding Pan Pots

Client: Turner Contemporary, Pudding Pan Island.


Go Go Whippet’s adventurers in clay. Turner Contemporary commissioned ceramic artist Matt Rowe to deliver a series of making and doing workshops that taught primary school classes how to create there very own Pudding pan pots!


Turner Contemporary has been working with over 400 pupils from Coastal Alliance Schools to create work inspired by the British Museum’s collection of Roman Samian Ware pottery in our Clore Learning Studio. Centuries ago, these items were found along the coastline, near where the schools are now, and used by fishermen’s wives to cook puddings in – thus getting their name Pudding Pans.

This exhibition is a celebration of the project and the work produced by those involved in Children and the Arts Start Programme who work with arts venues around the UK to foster new partnerships with local schools.

Find out more at https://www.turnercontemporary.org



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