SkyFall Silhouettes

Client: Folkestone Triennial.

SkyFall Silhouettes, was a workshop held at Cherition primary School, for the 2014 t Folkestone Triennial. The session translated and engaged students with the theams of the the rootoftwo sculptural works.

Light blast a chicken!
In this photographic workshop led by artist Matt Rowe, participants will experiment with a variety of photographic and lighting skills. They will Learn how to create dramatic effects using the power of light, colour and motion inspired by rootoftwo’s sculptural works.

Using a combination cardboard modal making and slide projection students, created emersive roof top vistas.  The workshop utilised a range of custom made 35mm slides,  that  projected to create a folkestone backdrop. the group also created an animated light chicken by drawing with light trails.

Key skills : Modal making, composition, photography and drawing

For Folkestone Triennial 2014, rootoftwo has created Whithervanes, a Neurotic Early Worrying System (NEWS) consisting of a network of sculptures in the form of five headless chickens.


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