Make Believe Make

Client: Portsmouth City Museums and Aspex Gallery.

Portsmouth City Museums and Aspex have teamed up to run Make! Believe! Make!, an exhibition which showcases inventive uses of materials and the process of creating things by means of contemporary craft techniques. The show explores the motivations behind human innovation, and takes a look at the incentives which lead us to create, build, and make.

The two gallery spaces will be working with nine contemporary craft artists, and they’ll be sharing their creative process and talking about how artistic methods have changed and developed over time. Each artist will present a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end, thus establishing a sense of where their inspiration comes from, why they make things, and how they go about their creative ways.

The artists have explored the museum’s stores to find their inspiration, and you can come along to find out what they chose and why they chose it. Some artists have created new pieces in response to objects they found around the museum, while others have made intriguing links between their previous existing work and the museum’s collections.

The whole exhibition ties in nicely with Aspex’s seasonal question, “does making things make us human?”

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