Client: Creative Foundation and East Folkestone Change.

H-88 was a youth engagement project that worked with a broad range of young people aged between 11 to 16.The project successfully developed and delivered  a number of sessions across the Havey and Harbour wards of east Folkestone. H-88 empowered a number of young people from marginalised communities to discuss and celebrate there Identity.

A number of workshops were delivered at various youth centres  in east Folkestone and with in the creative quarter. Though out the H-88 project participants were encouraged to select the central theme for there project and work with a lead artist to realise the ambitions.

The project culminated with a celebratory event where objects  produced during workshops were showcased in a group exhibition.

Who do you think they think you are?

H-88.net is running a series of workshops and events that challenge young people to question their identity in Shepway.

H-88.net is offering you the chance to work with professional artists to help you produce your own skate deck!

All you have to do is customise the deck on this flyer and hand it in to:



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